Eww… that science is gross!

Aug 31, 2023

Thursday, August 31
Ontario Power Generation Visitor Centre

Scientists in School and OPG presents: Ewww...that science is gross!

Get ready to delve into the fascinating world of all things icky and discover the science behind those things that make you cringe and say “ewww!” At this event, you’ll have the unique opportunity to engage in hands-on activities that will challenge your understanding of viscosity. Create your very own “snot” and explore its slimy properties as you sneeze it out. But that’s not all! Sharpen your investigative skills as you identify different animals by examining their scat (yes, poop!) and gain valuable insights into the wonders of digestion as you produce a burp in a bag. Join us for this gross, yet incredibly fun-filled science adventure that promises to leave you both amazed and entertained!

Admission is FREE. Registration is required. Recommended ages 4-12 years old.

We welcome families to participate and engage with the kids and workshop. ONE kit will be available per family.

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