Tourism Development Corporation of Cornwall

Welcome to the Tourism Development Corporation of Cornwall (TDCC), a standalone Corporation with the sole purpose of developing tourism in the Cornwall area through providing a Tourism Development Fund (TDF) and other initiatives as it sees fit.

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The Tourism Development Fund (TDF) is open to any organization or individual preparing an event, tournament, conference or business initiative with a primary focus on developing tourism and bringing visitors to the area.

The fund DOES NOT support

  • Regular business operation expenses
  • Infrastructure
  • Business expansion that does not significantly impact Tourism

The Fund DOES support

  • Events taking place in Cornwall and or SD&G that demonstrate a significant impact on the city of Cornwall
  • Projects and events that clearly demonstrate their ability to increase tourist attendance, overnight stays and visitor spending in Cornwall
  • Innovative strategies to advertise outside the city to potential tourists increasing visitor attendance and spending

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Funding Allowances

Festivals and Events

1 Day max $5,000
2 Day max $10,000
3 Plus days max $25,000 ($15,000 max for repeat applicants)


Local / regional = Max $7,500
Provincial/ national/international = Max $25,000 ($15,000 max for repeat applicants)

Conference / Convention

Local / regional = Max $5000
Provincial/ national/international = Max $10,000

New Start-Up business or New tourism asset for an existing business

Max = $25,000

Second application tourism business

Max = $15,000

Criteria for Evaluation

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the TDF Advisory Committee, and the TDCC Board using a scoring matrix based on the following criteria;

  • Description of the project (business, event, tournament etc.)
  • Marketing and other efforts used to draw tourists to the area
  • Economic impact on the city and overnight stays
  • Capacity for increased; tourist spending, profile or exposure of Cornwall, and or tourism assets
  • Professional and experienced personnel / organizer(s)
  • Sound budget and business strategy / plan

To discuss any concerns or questions during the application process please contact:

Sydney Smith
Admin Support – Tourism Development Corporation of Cornwall (TDCC)
100 Water Street East
Cornwall, ON
K6H 6G4
613-930-2787 ext. 2276

  • The Cornwall Tourism Development Fund (TDF) was established in 2019 to support efforts to grow the tourism economy in the City of Cornwall. The Tourism Development Corporation of Cornwall (TDCC) exists to administer the TDF and support tourism development in the city of Cornwall.  The TDCC is independent of the City of Cornwall municipal government and operates at arm’s length from it. The TDCC is governed by a Board which is comprised of 3 members who have no direct connection with the tourism industry. It is supported by the advice of the TDF Advisory Committee, whose 11 members have experience with tourism related enterprises and activities.

    The TDF is funded by the Municipal Accommodation Tax (MAT), charged to visitors on hotel or inn stays at a rate of 4% of the total room cost.  The MAT is collected by the City of Cornwall from the hotels and inns quarterly. The City of Cornwall and the TDCC operate through a service agreement to administer the MAT funds.  The service agreement states that the City will provide 50% of the MAT collected in the previous year, less a 10% administration fee to the TDCC to administer through the TDF. (10% administration fee is collected and retained by the City on the full amount, then the net is divided 50/50 between Cornwall Tourism and the TDCC) The City will also provide the Tourism Coordinator to act as a resource to assist in administering the fund.

  • To be successful, applicants must meet the criteria set out in the guidelines and follow the application process.  Applications are to be submitted on a per project basis.  There is no limit on the number of applications one organization can submit, however only 1 application may be submitted per project per year. Recurring events, example Farmer’s Market every Sunday for the season, should be submitted as 1 project.

    Applications are submitted and reviewed on an ongoing basis, but applicants ae encouraged to submit at least 75 days prior to the project start date. No retroactive funding will be approved.

    There will be a 10% hold back of all funds awarded, that will be released upon satisfactory submission of a follow up report.  If a follow up report is not submitted, the applicant will be in jeopardy of ineligibility of approval for funding for a minimum of 12 months post follow up report due date.

    Please note the Tourism Development Fund is a discretionary program with a limited funding allocation. In some cases, a project that meets all program criteria may not be approved for funding as other projects may more effectively meet the criteria.

    All funding shall be for future projects.  Retroactive funding will not be considered.

    All awarded applicants will be required to;

    • Sign a Funding Agreement outlining the terms of receiving the funds
    • Submit a follow up report a maximum of 120 days post project completion. 10% hold back of funds will be released upon satisfactory submission of the follow up report.
    • Acknowledge the support of the Tourism Development Fund in advertising and media efforts and display where appropriate in any publicity the Fund’s logo which will be made available to the applicant.

    Projects must be financially responsible and should not count on the TDF for the success of their project.  Receiving funds once does not guarantee funding in the future.

    Applicants will be required to demonstrate how the funds will be used.

    Applications that are requesting funds each year for an annual event are encouraged to highlight any new features and how the event intends to grow, or why it has reached its capacity.

  • 2023 TDF recipients

    Disco Wheels Deux
    Aultsville LIVE
    Haunted Drive-Thru
    Cornwall Culture Fest
    Cornwall Art Walk
    Crackup Comedy Festival
    Cornwall Road Warriors First Annual Car Show
    30th Annual River Symposium
    Cotton Candy Classic 2023
    Cornwall Sea Lions Snowflake Invitational Swim Meet
    Festival des Sports et des Cultures de Cornwall
    32nd Annual Apples & Art Studio Tour
    Great Waterfront Trail Adventure 2023
    Glengarry Highland Games Economic Impact and Tourist Tracker Study
    CAPE 2023
    CWL Provincial Convention 2023
    The Ghost Walk for Charity
    Cornwall Triathlon, Duathlon & 5k
    Akwesasne Powwow
    Cornwall Ribfest
    St. Lawrence Marathon
    Diversity Cornwall 2023 Pride Festival
    Cornwall Wildcats OSFL 2023
    Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Canada
    Essential Kitchen
    Cornwall Girls Hockey Association
    Baitfuel Fishing Tour
    Glengarry Highland Games
    2023 Shorty Jenkins Curling Classic
    12 Days of Holiday Cheer – DBIA
    Harmony Concerts
    2023 Bordertown Challenge

    2022 TDF Recipients

    Festival Sportif De Cornwall
    Glengarry Highland Games
    Cornwall 1784
    CAPE 2022
    Rock the River
    Cornwall Waterfest
    UELAC Head office relocation
    Cotton Candy Classic
    Perch Magazine
    Cornwall Art Walk
    Cornwall Pride 2022
    Cornwall Wildcats AAA
    Cornwall Triathlon
    Monkland Gets Ambushed
    Renegade Bass Tournament
    Fields of Gold
    Ghost Walk for Charity
    Cline House
    Apples & Art
    Franny Cup
    Cornwall Girls Hockey
    Cornwall Comedy Festival
    Cornwall Minor Basketball

    2021 TDF Recipients

    Cornwall Arts Centre
    Art Walk
    Escape Tours
    Perch Magazine
    Jolly Tours
    Hockey Canada
    Apples and Art
    Holiday Sparkle
    Lost Villages Brewery

    2020 TDF recipients

    Cline House
    BMX Track
    Arts Centre
    Your Arts Council
    Cornwall Oriels Baseball
    Canadian Pro Bass Tour
    Perch Magazine
    Art Walk
    Holiday Sparkle
    Cooper Marsh
    Waterfest Dragon Boat Race 2021
    Waterfront Tours
    Fields of Gold (SPARK recipient)
    Cornwall Food Tours (SPARK recipient)
    Oneida Grand Event Centre (SPARK recipient)

    2019 TDF recipients

    Shorty Jenkins Curling Classic
    Apples & Art Studio Tour
    Pan American Bass Championship
    Cornwall Arts and Culture Centre
    Cornwall Girls Hockey Association
    Cornwall Pride 2020
    DEO 35ans de fierte francophone
    Cornwall Comedy Festival
    Cape 2020
    Regional Convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses
    Seaway Valley Theatre Company
    Cornwall Sea Lions Snowflake Invitation Swim Meet
    Country Side Adventures
    Coopers Marsh
    Wonderful World of Whisky Show
    Juvenile National Broomball Championship
    Harmony Concerts
    Cotton Candy Classic 2020
    Eco Farm Day 2020
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