Musée Imaginaire de l’Ontario français

Nov 25, 2023

Saturday, November 25      1:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Cornwall Public Library

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The Amalgame Theatre Company invites you to attend the reading of the Musée Imaginaire de l’Ontario français on Saturday, November 25th at the Cornwall Public Library from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm.

It will also be simultaneously broadcast on Zoom.


Welcome to the Musée Imaginaire de l’Ontario français. Today, we embark on an extraordinary journey through the history of a determined people, a nation that has courageously preserved its heritage and culture for more than four centuries.

On this guided tour, we invite you to open your mind, let yourself be carried away by these incredible stories, understand what animated this nation, and feel the soul and pride of French Ontario.

You will discover a people who have forcefully proclaimed, “We are here to stay.”

The play will be read and performed by Abigail Fontaine, Alain St-Arnaud, Nancye Labrecque, Carol Boileau, Danielle Duplantie, Victor Dupuis, Marie-Claude Lepage, Gabrielle Dignard, José Martin, Jean-Guy Pepin, Denise Therriault, Pauline Lanneville and Murielle Bourdeau. It is produced and directed by Mario Gagnon.

Ticket information

Free tickets for the event are available via Eventbrite (click here to obtain tickets).

The event will also be broadcast live on Zoom. You can access the Zoom link through the Amalgame website.

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For additional information, please visit the Amalgame website.

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