Shirley Jackson and Her Good Rockin’ Daddy’s

Aug 12, 2023

STONECROPACRES Winery + Vineyard
5242 Smiths Road


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“There’s great ensemble playing here, with more instrumentals than one would expect but they tend to highlight the vocal selections that much more and Ms. Jackson’s lyrics and delivery are up to the task. Ms. Jackson is nominated once again as horn player of the year”-JOHN VALENTEYN

Shirley Jackson & Her Good Rockin’ Daddys hail to a sound inspired by the early years of Big Horn Bands and early Rock & Roll when horn sections were an integral part of the sound of a swingin’ and rockin’ good time.
Jackson is a mainstay in the Canadian Music Scene and the recipient of two Maple Blues Awards for Horn Player. (2018, 2001). She has produced four albums that were each nominated for Blues Recording of the Year by the East Coast Music Association, and the Nova Scotia Music Awards.

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