It’s taco time with the Taste Buds

August 17, 2021
Buffalo Chicken Cheddar Taco, Esca
Buffalo Chicken Cheddar Taco, Esca

Has your life been lacking a bit of flavour lately? That’s probably because you missed the Taste Buds. But don’t worry, the Taste Buds are back with a spicy new event – Taco Love!

For the first time ever, Taste Buds will be challenging local restaurants to cook up their most innovative and delicious tacos.

From Wednesday, August 25th to Friday, September 3rd – a full 10 days – foodies will have the chance to grab a special or signature taco from one of the following nine official participating restaurants.

The Entries

Tac-O The Town

King George Restaurant
401 Montreal Road

Crispy pork tacos with lime and garlic crema served with Mexican rice.


La Chalupa Taco

101 Pitt Street

aco beef, lettuce, corn, pico de gallo, cheese, sour cream, and salsa, topped with Frito corn chips in a flour-baked tortilla.



Buffalo Chicken Cheddar Taco

Esca Gourmet Pizza + Bar
317 Pitt Street

Grilled flour tortilla, chicken tossed in Phip hot sauce, with aged cheddar, pickled slaw, arugula, & lime crema.



Truffles Taco Trio

Truffles Burger Bar
155 Pitt Street

Carne (steak) assada taco
Cochinita (pulled pork) taco
Fish (haddock) taco Comes in a trio

$19.00 (no substitutions)


Barbacoa Beef Taco

119 Sydney Street

Barbacoa beef topped with salsa roja, lime crema, candied jalapeno, pickled onion & lime

3 for $14.00


BBQ Pulled Pork Taco

805 Brookdale Avenue

Slow roasted pork shoulder pulled to perfection and tossed in sweet and Smokey BBQ sauce. Dressed with all the classic Aurra fixings….. oven roasted salsa, pickled red onions, fresh avacado, jalapeños, shot of hot sauce, and topped with fresh chopped cilantro and a like wedge.



Pollo Tacos

58 Pitt Street

Grilled chimichurri chicken, avocado crema, shredded cabbage, fresco cheese, diced green onions, sweet pickled onions, pico de gallo & charred corn on flour or soft white corn tortilla. Served with rice & beans.


Sip and Scoop

Dunkaroo Tacos

Sip & Scoop
720 Fourteenth Street West

Tropical Taco (Dunkaroo stuffed waffle, pineapple orange ice cream, pineapples, kiwis, strawberries and passion fruit sauce.

Dunkaroo Taco (Dunkaroo stuffed taco, cookies & cream ice cream, chocolate & caramel sauce.

$6.00 each
or 2 for $10.00

Sol de Acapulco

Tacos de Birria

Sol de Acapulco
15261 County Road 2, Ingleside

Beef made in homemade chili pepper sauce and Mexican spices, homemade tortillas topped with onions & cilantro with salsa. Includes salad or soup of the day.


Vote for your favourite and win!

You will have the chance to vote for your favourite taco at and the judges will also have the chance to select one winner. 

Also, throughout the event, participants will have a chance to win gift cards from participating restaurants! That’s right – you could win a $25 gift card from any of the participating restaurants by liking and sharing certain posts or photos on/to our socials. Now, go taco ‘bout it with your friends!

Make sure to keep an eye on the Taste Buds Facebook and Instagram pages for more info and updates.

Additional information

“Taco Love is finally here! This is one I’ve personally been very excited for,” said Taste Bud partner Matt Girgis. “Tacos offer such a versatile canvas from the creative shells, to whatever protein you can think of, to any type of toppings you can dream of. Breakfast, lunch, dinner or even dessert – there’s a taco for that!”

“We’re back and ready to eat some tacos,” said fellow Taste Bud Pat Larose. “We have had Taco Love marinating in our brains behind the scenes for a while now. We wanted to spice things up. It’s still as important as ever to support our local restaurants. Taco Love features a few new restaurants and local favourites that we are happy to work with again. We hope you enjoy it!” 

Taco Love is proudly sponsored by Cornwall Tourism. 

“Taco Love is a perfect way to showcase some of the amazing options we have in our local restaurant scene,” said Cornwall Tourism Officer Kevin Lajoie. “Taste Buds events always encourage food lovers to expand their palette and support local food creators.” 

Get more details and see the full line-up at

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