Q+A: Fishing with the Beehlers

July 17, 2020
Mark and Erika Beehler
Mark and Erika Beehler
Photo by Red Andal, RedStudios.ca

For Erika and Mark Beehler, there’s never a bad time to fish. It could be a nice day or a rainy day, a weekend, a weekday. Or even wedding day. No joke.

The Cornwall couple actually got married in the St. Lawrence River, with the couple and the justice of the peace decked out in hip waders during the ceremony while guests looked on nearby from shore. Needless to say, there was some fishing following the ceremony.

The couple’s passion and dedication to fishing has garnered them quite a following on social media, and they’ve become ambassadors for the excellent fishing that exists in the Cornwall region.

Earlier this year, they appeared on a reality TV type fishing show, CFN Fish Off, on the Sportsman Channel in Canada and the World Fishing Network in the US. This appearance helped to further cement the region’s standing as an amazing fishing destination.

In honour of Family Fishing Week – which allows Canadians to fish Ontario waters licence-free until July 19th – we asked the Beehlers to a few questions about their love of fishing, favourite fishing spots and more.

Hopefully their stories will help get you hooked on fishing! And make sure to follow them on Instagram – at fishinggirl1122 and fish_on_76 – for more fishing photos and stories to inspire your next outing!

How did you get into fishing?

Erika My fondest memories of fishing was fishing onshore and offshore with the family when I was a child.  I would say what got me hooked on fishing was when I caught my first smallmouth bass near the Cornwall Civic Complex using a hook, line and sinker with a worm. The fight was exciting and I was mesmerized by this fish!  And then my fishing adventure began!

Mark My father introduced me to fishing when I was 3 or 4 years old. We would fish for perch and trout. I was hooked from the beginning. Since then, I’ve been fishing on and off through the years. More on than off.

What is your favourite type of fish to catch?

Mark My favourite fish to catch would probably be a smallmouth bass. Pound for pound, they are the most fun fish to catch. They are also a challenge to catch.

Erika My favourite fish to catch are smallmouth bass but I love catching all species of fish. 

What are some of your favourite spots to fish from shore in Cornwall?

Erika Cornwall is such an amazing fishery that has many different species of fish all over the riverbanks where new and old anglers can enjoy fishing from shore! I could say that I do not have a favourite fishing spot but I frequent many spots like the riverfront at the Civic Complex or the Cornwall Harbour. 

Mark I don’t think I have a favourite spot in Cornwall to fish. There are so many great places to cast your line in the water and catch fish. But I would frequent places like Lamoureux Park often enough.

Why should people give fishing a try?

Mark Fishing offers something different for everyone. For some people, it’s the rush of getting that tug on their line. For others, it may be a way to connect with nature. Or someone might want to fish as a way of unwinding at the end of their day. There are people that love the challenges of fishing. It’s a pastime that anyone can enjoy, young and old alike. Just get out there and try it. At the very least, you spent a day in the outdoors by the water!

Erika I think everyone should give fishing a try!  It’s a great family activity that always brings joy and fond memories.  Fishing to me is peaceful, relaxing, a place of zen, and a rush when you get a fish on! I love the fresh air, listening to the sounds of nature and meeting and greeting all sorts of species of fish!  You would be amazed at all the different species of fish we have here!

Get hooked!

Whether you’re in search of a fun fishing outing with the kids or on the hunt for a trophy fish, you’ll find it in Cornwall.

The city is the ideal doorstep to the mighty St. Lawrence River, one of the world’s best destinations for freshwater fishing. From bass and walleye to muskie and carp – and countless other catches in between – you’ll find it on the St. Lawrence in Cornwall.

Make Cornwall the destination of your next fishing trip – you’ll be hooked!

Check out our Fishing page for everything you need to know about fishing in Cornwall and area.

Play it safe!

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Article by Kevin Lajoie

Photo by Red Andal