ShinyBud blooms across the city

January 22, 2021

ShinyBud is flowering its way through Cornwall with the opening of the second location of the popular cannabis dispensary and the arrival of a third location on the horizon.

Manager Erin Heenan and staff recently opened the doors to ShinyBud’s new Pitt Street store. Unfortunately, the doors couldn’t open as originally planned due to COVID regulations but patrons were able to access the goods at the brand new location using curbside pickup.

“It was always the plan to open a second and third location of the franchise in the city, and the success from the first store really confirmed the need,” shares Heenan. “We have great clients and the additional locations will make it easier to serve everyone.”

The Pitt Street location is about three times larger than the Montreal Road store and offers a much larger selection and variety of products. In addition to supplying the same products clients have come to expect from the Montreal Road dispensary, Pitt Street also carries wide variety of other products and accessories, including top of the line vaporizers, grinders and glassware.

While lockdown orders are in place customers can order the basics online and arrange for delivery or curbside pick-up. Cornwall residents and visitors will have to wait to see the fully renovated location at the 621 Pitt Street building complete with the full selection of products. Locals will recognize the new location as the office of former MP Guy Lauzon.

ShinyBud’s new location at 621 Pitt Street

ShinyBud first arrived in Cornwall in July of 2019 and has since made a significant investment in the city. Each location employs 8 to 10 people, many of whom are former workers in the hospitality sector who have made the shift from servers and bartenders to their new, much-loved moniker of ‘budtender.’

“A budtender is someone trained to provide advice on making cannabis selections. During curbside only service, the budtenders don’t get to provide as much support to our customers as we like, but clients can call the store with any questions before placing their order and we are happy to help,” says Heenan.

The third location is set to open in spring or early summer of 2021 and will be more of an express service, offering the people of Cornwall multiple options for their cannabis needs.

“We are all very passionate about cannabis and how it can help people. There are so many benefits that we look forward to educating people on,” continues Heenan. “We want to help remove the stigma around cannabis use and increase the knowledge of the many benefits.”

ShinyBud is open 7 days a week. Visit the ShinyBud website for more details on hours, and to order online. You can also get more information on the ShinyBud Facebook page and Instagram page.

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Article by Amy Malyon